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Condo Sofa Warranty Information

Warranty Information for Condo Sofa products:

Condo Sofa and Temple Furniture products within our local delivery area (within 3 hours driving time of our physical store in Scarborough, Maine) are covered by a "Limited Lifetime Warranty," which extends to the original purchaser only, in residential settings not used for income (rentals). The term “Limited Lifetime” (called simply “lifetime” below) is valid as long as the originally applied cover is intact and not worn through, and no work (re-covering, repair or modification) has been performed on the furniture without the factory’s knowledge. While we can generallyconfirm original order information through our records, it helps greatly to have original purchase paperwork handy when making any warranty claim. Repairs may not be possible under warranty if we cannot locate the original purchase information.


“Lifetime Warranty" details:

    • Frames are guaranteed against warp, breakdown or looseness for the lifetime of the frame as upholstered in its original cover (fabric or leather).
    • Spring construction and all support of backs and seats, exclusive of cushions, is guaranteed against breaking or significant slippage for lifetime under normal stress.
    • Seat cushions are lifetime warranted for a single replacement of the seat cushion cores. Frequent turning and fluffing will extend the life of all cushions and fabrics. In the rare incidence that seat cushion(s) need replacement, customers must supply original sales order paperwork. This warranty is valid only if the furniture has received normal usage and has not been subjected to abuse. Cushion warranty is for the loss of cushion resiliency and not normal flattening or softening of cushions. Softening and flattening of cushions occur with foam and fibers as a result of regular use and aging and should not be considered manufacturing defects. The customer is responsible for freight charges to ship replacement cushions, delivery and any labor costs associated with removing and replacing seat cushion cores. Customer may be required to pay a disposal fee for the replaced cores if we take them away.
    • Condo Sofa offers a full ONE YEAR fabric warranty covering wear under normal use and with proper care. This warranty does not cover fading or pilling, which sometimes occurs with normal use of some fabrics and is not valid where there is evidence of heavy soiling. Condo Sofa reserves the right to replace the portion of fabric that is defective. All fabric claims, within warranty, will be submitted to the fabric mill for evaluation. Condo Sofa will warranty only if the mill states that there is an actual fabric defect. Fabric manufacturers will not honor warranties if evidence that a pet is exposed to the furniture, therefore voiding our fabric warranty. The fabric warranty is null and void if improperly cleaned. Care of the fabric is important. Cleaning by a professional furniture cleaning service only is recommended for all our fabrics. Proper care between cleanings includes frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime. It is imperative that the seat cushions used regularly be turned at least twice monthly to get maximum wear from both the fabric and the cushioning. Pets are abrasive to fabric and should not be allowed on your furniture.  Please note that treatment of the fabric with stain protectors, or any aftermarket treatment voids this fabric warranty. However, Fabric Protection Warranty programs (purchased separately) supersede the factory's 1 year fabric warranty with a 5 year replacement protection plan. Please ask us for details.


    • Sleeper Mattress 5 Years
    • Sleeper Mattress (Air Dream Ultra) 3 Years
    • Sleeper Mechanism 5 Years
    • Glider and Swivel Mechanism 2 Years

All warranty action must be pursued through our store, serving as your authorized Condo Sofa dealer.

When a problem occurs, Condo Sofa reserves the right to determine if repairs should be made locally, or if the piece must be returned to the factory for correction.

Condo Sofa reserves the right to have our sales representative make a preliminary inspection at the dealer's store or the customer's home to determine that a problem exists before a return is authorized.

Condo Sofa will absorb the cost of returning the furniture to the factory. The furniture will be returned to the customer FREIGHT COLLECT after the repairs are made. Customers are responsible for the cost of transportation from the customer’s home to the store for shipment to the factory for repairs and re-delivery of the repaired furniture to the customer’s home.

Condo Sofa is not liable for freight charges to ship replacement parts.

Condo Sofa warranty is valid only if the furniture has received normal usage and has not been subjected to abuse.