In 1975, during a different era, almost a third of Americans used tobacco, which led to fires in homes from smoldering cigarettes.  The same companies making chemicals for cigarette companies developed what they marketed as a solution:  chemicals that were supposed to stop fires from cigarettes igniting furniture.  That requirement became a de facto standard for all furniture, with untold harm done to countless children, pets, and adults exposed unnecessarily to known carcinogens.  Whenever a chemical "flame retardant" was proven harmful after years of testing, the same three chemical companies were ready with a substitute (not yet proven lethal).  A series of molecular alterations allowed the chemical companies to switch these chemical agents many times as each was found to be toxic and banished to join the list of prohibited compounds on California's Prop 65.  Problem: none of the chemicals did what they were purported to do, and the chemicals are all carcinogenic.


Finally, the week before Thanksgiving 2013, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation reversing 38 years of flawed legislation requiring toxic, ineffective chemical flame retardants be put in furniture sold to California residents. 


As a small Maine company, we saw no need to poison our local consumers or our own children with these chemicals. As a matter of conscience, we had removed all the toxic flame retardants from our sofas over a period of years, making them 100% free of flame retardants by the end of 2012. 


We have some exciting news: on Dec 30th, we received results of tests performed by the regulatory board overseeing flammability standards for furniture for the state of California. 


Our entire line of zero flame retardant furniture designs now not only meets the new TB117-2013 standards effective January 1, 2014, but since our furniture has none of the carcinogenic flame retardants that are prohibited in California as of January 1, 2015, we are the first to be compliant with that advanced standard as well.


We're a small furniture store in Scarborough, offering customizable, smaller non-toxic upholstery, and now we can ship to all 48 lower States including California!