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Floor Model Sales

While we like to try to help in any way possible, our floor model sales are meant for local consumers only because we do not have reasonable break bulk/LCL shipping out of Maine to a residence. 

Floor models sales are usually at least 10% off our regular store prices, which are reasonable. To keep our retail store in current fabrics, styles, trends and seasonal color, we price our floor models attractively and sell things quickly, which keeps us looking fresh.  Sometimes we offer items well over 50% off list price*, and maybe the item works well for you as is.  Another saying applies to floor model sales at our store: 'Time is money.' 

Save money by giving us time to put a new piece in its place. We are a small operation with limited space, and most of our business comes from writing orders using floor models. Because we do not carry multiples of our designs, but instead focus on meeting the needs of each customer, select floor models may not leave, because then we'd have no examples of how that style sits. Please ask if we can let a piece go before its replacement arrives.

Most deeply discounted items are priced as cash, check or debit only; checks must clear before merchandise leaves the store.

Commit only if you are sure the floor model will work for you.  No items will be held without minimum 50% nonrefundable deposit; balance & delivery/pickup within 2 weeks, or as soon as replacements arrive (whichever is sooner).

Floor models and discounted stock items are sold AS-IS, as a FINAL SALE, no exchanges, refunds or returns allowed. This includes attempts to return due to ill-fitting dimensions, color or style; it is solely and ultimately the customer's responsibility to determine whether furniture will fit in its intended location.

If a sold floor model is damaged while it stays here in the store before it is picked up or delivered, we will make our best effort to repair or replace with at least the same value (new or comparable) merchandise.


Thanks for understanding.


*"list" price refers to our guidance to other retailers when pricing our designs for sale in a retail store.  Our Maine store may or may not follow the same guidance.  Our prices are often much lower than list pricing every day.