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MONTEGO (grade 5), SHAKER (grade 5), PIPPA (grade 5), CALIMA (grade 4)

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Montego, Pippa, Shaker and Calima are patterns produced by the same North Carolina mill.  Unusual for these reasons:

OEKO-TEX Certified nontoxic fabrics without the high cost normally associated with the OEKO-TEX nontoxic certification.

Extreme durability – over 100,000 double rubs! Most upholstery fabrics come in between 7 and 20,000 double rubs.

Excellent dirt and stain repellency without chemicals: flocked nylon face sheds dirt. We have easily removed coffee, red wine, chocolate, blueberries, ketchup, barbeque sauce, and with hand soap and a fingernail brush, we remove permanent marker and Sharpie ink.  Locals report breast milk and oil pastels also come out easily. 

To clean, simply follow these easy steps: 

- Remove excess soiling immediately.

- Blot area with a dry absorbent cloth.

- To remove the remaining stain, spray a light mist of soap and water solution and rub gently in a circular motion with a clean cloth or toothbrush so not to damage the pile or nap.  Work from the edges to the center of the stain to avoid a halo effect.

- Pat with a dry absorbent cloth.

- When dry, use a soft brush to regain the fabric’s smooth feel.

- Heavily soiled areas can be spot treated in the same manner using Resolve™ followed by a light mist of soap and water solution.

NB: Only use water soluble cleaning agents. Never use solutions that contain a petroleum or alcohol base; i.e. K2R, turpentine, Petrolwash or chlorethlen.

Bright colors are fade resistant.

Soft microfiber nap, regardless of which pattern, does not show traffic (the nap does not reflect each touch or contact like many microfibers do).

Made in the USA!

If shopping on our site, please review the patterns and colors below.  

Email Ross@condofurniture.com the pattern name and colors you like along with your mailing address, and we’ll send cuttings directly to your address from the factory (not all colors may be on hand, but we’ll send what we have available.)  Thanks!

Montego – grade 5, 54 colors:

Shaker – grade 5 , 3 colors:

Pippa – grade 5, 10 colors:


Calima – Grade 4, 5 colors: